About prize1924

Inspired by 1 Corinthians 9:24, prize1924 is a boutique consulting firm dedicated to
helping individuals, teams and organizations realize their purpose through coaching,
professional training and strategic planning. Our value proposition is the ability to
nuture and serve while listening with intention to determine your needs — all for the
sake of creating a plan that will enable you to unlock the tools, resources and strategies
for producing the purposeful and champion-like results you desire.

Based out of Richmond, VA prize1924 has over a decade of experience serving a wide
variety of clients from the individual entrepreneur, to mid-size non profit business to
fortune 200 Enterprises. We can equally serve the artist, athlete, business leader, or
enterprise. We have logged 100s of coaching hours, built countless strategic project/
business plans and facilitated enough workshops sessions to impacting several 1000 s of

Our purpose is to help your realize yours.